Bed time means protecting my son “so hard.”

For weeks we have been working on getting our toddler to bed on his own.  And by that I mean saying good night, tucking him in and leaving the door partially open.    The second part to this is having him fall asleep without my husband or I in the bed or room.  He’s the type of toddler that needs to be a bit distracted from the idea that mommy and daddy aren’t co-sleeping anymore.  Here’s where his sound machine comes in.

The Homedics sound machine I bought for my son almost 4 years ago is now super effective for him as a toddler.    Originally it was just used for white noise… the calming sound of rain.  However, the machine had several additional features that we just didn’t need  at the time.  Now we do.  The  sound options include rain, the ocean or a heartbeat as well as music like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or just some soothing music to name a few.    My son’s favorite part is the pictures projected on the ceiling.  He gets to choose a small disk of the moon and stars to sea animals or monkeys.  It’s adorable and gives him the light he needs in the room to feel comfortable falling asleep.  But before he does he says, “Mommy, are you going to protect me so hard?”  “Yes, punky, I’m going to protect you so hard. I’m your mama and that’s my job.” 

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