CoSchedule makes blogging easier for busy moms!

CoSchedule is a tool that helps newbie bloggers like me market their blogs in an incredibly easy and user friendly  manner.  You don’t have to be a computer whiz or web designer to understand how to use CoSchedule.   However, if you do have a question, customer service is phenomenal.  Your email will not go into some abyss where you never hear from anyone.  Any question I have asked was answered by a human being, in a timely manner, and often with helpful suggestions and great advice.  Everything about blogging is new to me and to find a service that will help me manage my blog is just so exciting!

Reasons why I LOVE CoSchedule:


CoSchedule allows me to plan ahead! I’m a visual learner so seeing the editorial calendar in front of me is perfect to see what a month of posts looks like and even further out.  I can create posts on my own time then plan for them to post months and years ahead of time.  This allows me to spend time with my family, not my computer.  I can also go on vacations knowing that my posts are already scheduled  in my editorial calendar and my readers will never know the difference.  CoSchedule also emails me summaries of what I sent out on a weekly basis.

Social Media

I’m not a social media guru and I certainly don’t have time to manage my accounts manually.  With CoSchedule, I can schedule my content to post to my blog and social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter within seconds.    I can also cross-post on my social media accounts across several of my sites and blogs.

Time Management

I value you my time and you should too.  I’m a mom to a 4. 5 year old and work full time so the more time I can spend with my son, the better.  CoSchedule offers huge time savings!  Within just a few clicks within WordPress, I can schedule my posts to multiple sites simultaneously or spread out the content within the calendar according to my marketing plan.   I can also easily drag and drop posts in to my calendar as I create my plan.

Managing multiple blogs

I have two blogs that I can link to CoSchedule so I can manage them both at the same time.  I’m not sure they could possibly make this any easier for me or for you for that matter.  One stop shop with even more room to grow.

Potential and Growth

Most importantly, CoSchedule offers programs that allow room for me to grow as a blogger and a business.  Currently,  I am the only person running my blog but my hope is it will become a successful business.  CoSchedule offers plans that can and will accommodate my needs including adding team members, offering analytics, organizing work flows for efficiency and generating traffic beyond my wildest dreams.

I have been very impressed with CoSchedule’s professionalism, ease of use and reasonable rates for bloggers and content marketers of all levels.     In my opinion, CoSchedule is genius and I can’t wait to see how else it can help me to improve my blog and the efficiency in managing it.   Once you use it, you will wonder how you ever managed without it!  Take a look here:

CoSchedule from Garrett Moon on Vimeo.

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