Edaville is THE place for kids.

Move over mom and dad!  Edaville, located in Carver, MA, is for the kids and they are going to love every second of it!   It is a mecca of rides and attractions specifically for kids!   There are so many rides to choose from like flying elephants and helicopters to mini roller coasters and planes, flashing with lights, whistles and sirens.   Their imagination can run wild where they can be astronauts, train conductors, pilots and firemen all in one day!   Exploring the park can take a few hours so grab a map and plan out your day accordingly. There is time to see it all!

We started our day on the jam-packed train that makes its way through the outskirts of Edaville- giving you a sneak peek of the lay of the land.   Upon our return, we jumped on few rides such as the Merry Go Round and Ferris Wheel and took a few obligatory pictures in the character cut outs which turned out to be adorable.  Next, the kids rode AJ’s Express and were lucky enough to sit in the front conductor seat. Toot toot!     There was no shortage of which ride to go on next so we made our way though the park with great anticipation

My son is 4.5 years old and he could go on most of the rides which was a huge benefit to visiting a kid’s theme park.  The rides that required a height of 48 inches and higher were moving too fast anyway, like the bumper cars or roller coasters,  so we happily moved on to the next one because my son is only 4.5 years old but mostly because I’m a scary cat. However, the Jolly Caterpillar was a big hit as it moved round and round, up and down like a caterpillar.  Since the rides were so kid-friendly, my son was able to go on most of them with his friend who was 3 years old.  They were buckled in properly by a parent and the ride conductors were sure to double check for safety.  My big boy was very proud of himself that he could be so independent and not need his mom to go on the rides.   I was close enough to receive his excited hand wave, cheer him on and take pictures of his every move on his favorite day of the year.


Dino Land (seasonal) has it’s own area of the park where life-like dinosaurs line the walking path in the bushes and trees.  Some of them are robotic and lift their tails, move their arms or open their mouths and roar.  Let me tell you that  if I thought they were cool, can you imagine what a four year old thought of them? “Mommy, it’s just like Jurassic Park!”  “Mommy, look at this one!”    Each dinosaur was identified by name, character traits and country of origin which was a wonderful way for kids to learn more about dinosaurs.    Since we visited Edaville in October, Halloween decorations were sprinkled throughout the park and in Dino Land’s trail. Ghosts, skeletons and incredibly creative and artistic pumpkins could be spotted throughout the various displays.   Some of the kids dressed up in their Halloween costumes and each ride operator handed out either candy or a coloring book page for the children to enjoy.   Guess which one my kid chose?
My son’s favorite area of Edaville was hands down Thomas Land located in the back of the park and adorned with all of characters in the popular cartoon like Gordon, James, Emily and Percy.     Kids can enjoy rides such as Cranky the Crane or Harold the Helicopter.  There were stationary trains at Tidmouth Sheds where the kids could wait in a small line and step into the train and play around with the train’s wheels and buttons.  This was a huge hit!   Roller coaster rides included Troublesome Trucks Runaway Coaster and Winston’s Skyline Express.  There is also an arcade and the Sodor Play Zone for some indoor play (4-12 year old) as well as a toddler soft play area.

The absolute best attraction was Firefighting Flynn where kids could stand in Flynn’s basket and help him extinguish the flames by shooting water out of the hose as the ride moved in a circle.  Some of the smaller kids had a hard time aiming the hose at the target so I recommend that an adult joins in on the ride to assist.  Also note some of the water might splash off of the wall so you or the little ones might get wet.    However this attraction is well worth it! There is usually a long line but it moves quickly to allow everyone to have a turn.

Our family and friends had an absolute blast!  Here are some more recommendations and tips that you might find to be helpful when exploring Edaville:

Check out Edaville’s website for park hours.  They generally start in the afternoon.  Trust me.  I found out the hard way.

The parking lot fills up quickly so you could have a bit of a walk to get to the entrance of the park.  If you have small children,  I highly recommend bringing a stroller to avoid meltdowns.  There is a lot of walking and things to explore and I know my son is too heavy for me to carry if he decides he’s too tired to carry on.   Make sure you and your kids wear comfortable walking shoes.

There are plenty of concession stands to purchase snacks, drinks and food but I saw a lot of families bring in their own food.  This is a big money saver and super convenient for picky kids that only eat specific food.  You know how a toddler can be.  There are also plenty of tables for families to sit down to eat or take a rest.

If you time it right, King Richard’s Faire (seasonal) is also in Carver, MA just a mile from Edaville. It’s a long day but you could visit both parks.   If you are a fan of Game of Thrones or dressing in medieval garb, you will love it!  My son especially loved the jousting knights show.

Check out Edaville’s Event Calendar.  You can often find themes and meet and greets throughout the year such as Peter Rabbit, The Bernstein’s Bears and Pete The Cat. During Halloween you can find Pumpkins Aglow and during November- January 1st you can find the Christmas Festival of Lights. Occasionally they will have discounted tickets depending on the time of day, year or event.


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