First Impressions of Orangetheory Fitness- Burlington, MA

jen-otf-picI’ve seen the ads on Facebook for the new Orangetheory Fitness that moved in across from the Burlington Mall. Needless to say I’ve been curious about OTF Burlington and decided it was time to check it out, certainly taking advantage of their generous free trial class offer.

As I entered the building, I was greeted by friendly staff members that answered my questions and entered my information into the system such as gender, height, weight, activity level and age.  I was then loaned a heart rate monitor that was placed just under the front of my sports bra to ensure the monitor would work properly and calibrate to my personal settings.

Approximately fifteen minutes before the class began, the trainer meets with anyone new to OTF.  She then explains how the machines worked, demonstrated proper form on the water rower, explained the difference between base, push and all out cues that would be called out over the microphone as we moved through the class and last, we want to strive to reach 84% of our heart rate or the orange zone, hence Orangetheory Fitness’ namesake.  At this point, I realized that I must be out of my mind and was ready to run out of the room, thinking “What did I get myself into?”  There’s no way I can do this.    The trainer assured me I can.  Cleary people can do it because there is a line of people waiting to enter the studio.

At the end of my OTF orientation, the rest of the class entered the obviously orange-hued room, intentionally choosing to start their work out on either a treadmill or rower and were instructed to start at their base pace to increase their heart rate.

Each person’s heart rate is shown above the treadmills on a TV screen, Brady Bunch style, so you know exactly how hard you are working, or not,  and how the rest of the class measures up.    As we all pounded away on the equipment, I couldn’t help but feel this “we’re all in this together” unspoken sentiment.    Working hard because we want to, not because we have to.

The music, carefully chosen by the trainer, pumped through the speakers, complementing our efforts by the beat count of the song.  Inspirational quotes lined the walls  that remind you why you are there, who you are burning for and goals are dreams with a time line.  Perfection.

What brought me to Orangetheory Fitness was the desire to lose my four year old baby weight, never be bored, be held accountable to working incredibly hard, and realizing that even though I just turned 40– I still have it.  Very much so if I say so myself!   My competitive juices to push myself beyond self-imposed limits are flowing.

Officially motivated.  Officially ready.  Let’s do this.

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