What I Did For A Free T-shirt. Go Ahead and Judge Me.

Orangetheory Fitness Studios across the nation held #otfhellweek during the week of October 24-31st, 2016.  Members must attend 5 classes within 8 days in order to qualify for a free Hell Week T-shirt or tank. Classes were titled with halloween-inspired workouts designed to kick your butt on a whole new level!   I normally go to OTF 3-4 days a week so 5 couldn’t be so bad, right?

Work outs were the following and I attended the ones in orange :

hell-week-coverDay 1 Hills Have Thighs

Day 2 Jack the Chipper

Day 3 The Sixth Sets

Day 4 Silence of the Limbs

Day 5  Scary Potter and the Goblet Squat of Fire

day 6 The Burpee Switch Project

Day 7 Posterior Chainsaw Massacre 

Day 8  Trick or Treat 

Awww look how cute the titles of the classes are.  How creative!  Wrong!  It’s hell week for a reason. My studio, located in Burlington, MA BROUGHT IT!  Members would ask each other,  “What day are you on? Did you get your t-shirt yet?”  Those that could say “Day 5!” were incredibly proud of themselves and they couldn’t wait to get their shirt after class at the front desk.   And you know what? I get it.  I totally get it.  To commit to something and actually complete it is a feat in itself.  Let’s be honest, life gets in the way and there are so may opportunities to make excuses and these members showed up! I personally know the sacrifices and running around that I had to do to be there for 5 days.  But to me it is worth every single second.  I spent one hour on me, pushing myself up incredible inclines, sprinting on the treadmill, jogging for endurance and increasing my rpm’s on the water rower.  As I lifted weights, I could see my muscles toning and my stamina increasing, finishing each set with minimal rest.  My current base, push and all out numbers have been absolutely crushed since I started in June.

Don’t get me wrong. .. Hell Week was hard.  Really, really hard.  But what seemed impossible became possible.  The person to my left and right were right there with me, striving for their own personal goals, whether they were participating in Hell Week or not.  I’m learning that when I truly set my mind to something I CAN DO IT AND SO CAN YOU.   OTF has given me a new sense of confidence that’s been lost for years.  I want my Hell Week t-shirt for bragging rights.  But for me,  finishing Hell Week was never about the t-shirt.



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