I failed at creating a baby book. Get one for your kids for FREE!

Years ago mom my gave me my baby book.  It had the cutest pics of me growing up and important documents.  A book of memories that I could look at to remember the simpler times.  While it wasn’t perfect, I certainly appreciated being able to look back at my childhood as it stirred up some really wonderful memories.

Me on the other hand, I have failed my child.  Well sort of.  What I am good at is taking adorable pictures on my phone and posting them on Instagram.  It takes me a minute and they are captured forever– virtually.  But realistically, I’m probably not going to print them.  Until now.    Chatbooks has made creating  what we know as traditional “baby books” or memory books so easy.  You can simply link your Instagram account to your Chatbooks account and choose the pictures you would like to put into your memory book.  That’s it.   Now, I really have no excuse and neither do you.

Here’s why it is so simple:

Chatbooks allows you to use your Instagram pictures that you have already taken–multitasking your efforts here.

You pick and choose what you want to use and create a book that is one size only.  It’s not like other services where you have 1000 choices  and layouts to choose from and you just can’t decide or you don’t have enough pictures so you never make a photo book.  One format, one size.  Easy peasy.

Never forget where or why you took at the picture.  You can add text to each page as a subtitle or include what you already put on Instagram.  Genius.

The quality is impressive– reminds me of a catalog.

The seam of the book lists the date you choose.  Mine shows Jan 1- June 2015.  I listed my son’s age as well. Part 2 will include July- December.  I will collect two a year until he’s all grown up.  What a great gift I can give him!

How about gifts for the grandparents? Let’s be honest, my parents are not on Instagram- they don’t even text.  My parents love receiving pics of my son and this is an adorable way to see his pictures any time they want from their own coffee table.

Use it as a brag book.  Bring it to work and show it off to your co-workers.


I’m so excited to be able to offer you a FREE CHATBOOK INCLUDING SHIPPING.

Use the Code “THRIFTY” to receive your first free Chatbook.  How can you say no?  

Don’t let your kids down when they ask for their “baby” book.   Start creating them now.


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