Just Hear Me Out- Part 2 My Diabetes Journey

Check out my last post here:  I have lost zero pounds.  Just Hear Me Out.

OTF face cover“FINE!  I’ll hear you out,” I lied.  It sounded like the teacher from Charlie Brown whaa whaa whaa.  “I’m going to put you on med…”  I cut her off-No! All I remember doing is shaking my head and saying “No! No! No! No!”

“It’s not insulin,” she retorted.   Ok, I’m listening.  “But it’s an injection. ”  NO and NO!  “It’s Victoza and it will help you slow down food leaving from your stomach.  Your liver produces too much sugar and pancreas meds help increase insulin when blood sugar levels are too high.”   She asked me if I was exercising and I told her I went to Orangetheory Fitness at least four times a week and she said she did too!  She asked how much weight I lost and I replied, “nothing.”  I felt so relieved to know my doctor was an Orangetheory Fitness member because she knows exactly how hard the workouts are.  So I asked her- “Please, PLEASE,  tell me how after burning close to 500 calories per class that I have lost exactly zero pounds?”  I assured her it was definitely not from a lack of effort.  I have never worked out so hard in my life.  I could see a lightbulb go off in her head— now things were starting to make sense.   My doctor felt that in conjunction with the medicine I was already taking, Metformin, that Victoza could really help me lower my blood sugar levels and start to lose weight.   She told me to keep exercising! The combination of exercise and the meds will help to lower my blood sugar.  And that’s what turned me around.  I heard the magic words- LOSE WEIGHT.

She pressed me more.   “People tend to lose a good amount of weight from it because one of the side effects of it is it will make you feel fuller longer.”    I said I needed to think about it.    She highlighted all of the benefits once again and said she sent in a prescription to my pharmacy.  In the meantime, she asked if I needed a demonstration on how to do the injections or if I remember how to inject myself.  Turning the dial to the correct dosage, I can hear the clicks of the pen, and pressing the medicine into my leg with my thumb- picture a stabbing motion.  How could I forget?  This time it would be in my stomach.  At least my rolls are good for something!

When I was pregnant in 2011, I literally had a panic attack because one day I couldn’t, just couldn’t, inject myself in my leg.  I was so upset and I felt even worse because I didn’t want to cause any harm to my baby who was anticipated to be a large baby and needed the medicine as much as I did.   He was 9.2 lbs to be exact.   My husband was so supportive and told me that I needed to calm down, everything was going to be ok and that I should skip that dose and start again the next day.  As you can imagine, this was a daily nightmare for me- 3 times a day.  I counted down the days until I could stop that injection and here we go again!  You’ve got to be kidding me.

I headed out of the doctor’s office depressed and armed with prescription for Victoza, the thinnest needles known to man and a follow up appointment six weeks out, still not positive that I would start the meds.   Just before I walked out, the doctor said to me, “Jen, next visit we need to talk about your cholesterol.”  NO WAY!  ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS!??  I can’t.  I just can’t.  I need to regroup.  Bring me some good news 2017!

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