Likeminded people are my people.

I have struggled with my weight my entire adult life but I have made an incredible commitment to my fitness and health since February of 2016.   I joined Orangetheory Fitness and I fell in love with it from my very first day and man, was it hard!  That’s the best part.  Knowing that every day is different and that no one dogs it makes me want to work hard.  I really appreciate that my station neighbors are pushing hard, sometimes harder than me and that there are people of all shapes, ages and sizes.  The interval training, rowing, running and strength training on the floor has allowed me to push myself in ways I didn’t even do in college as an athlete.  You see, it’s different now-for two reasons.  The first —the one hour that I go to the gym is my time.  I value every second I’m in there and want to work out properly.  The trainers at OTF demonstrate and teach the correct form and posture and give me a nudge when it’s time to increase my weights.    As they walk around the room I know I can count on them to help me make corrections or check out my heart rate on the screen and shout out, “Jen, I need more.”  Heart rate monitors don’t lie and you will be shocked at what you thought was giving it your all.  For me, not even close.

otf-group-photoThe second reason I love to go to OTF is the likemindedness of members at OTF.   There’s this unsaid “Wow-this-is-really- hard-yet-we-come-back-multiple-days-a-week” understanding.  Not the over the top crazy crossfit type of people maxing out on weights-  #sorrynotsorry- but the ones that are willing to make reasonable sacrifices to get healthier and never give up.   As we get older, it becomes easier to make excuses.  I’m too old.  I have kids to take care of.  I have a job.   I’m too out of shape.  It’s too hard.  That type of workout is not for me.   I assure you that I have used every one one of these excuses.  But something in me said- go check out Orangetheory Fitness! I am proud of myself for taking the first step to becoming healthy and taking a free class.    I knew no one.  Not a single person.  I didn’t know what to expect.  I wasn’t sure I could handle it.  I had been inactive for four years since my son was born.  But how could I go wrong with the first class being free? There was no risk and I was in!

My first class was back in June.  I haven’t looked back for a single second.    The investment in my health is the greatest give I can give to myself and my family.  I have more energy and five year old that wants to play with his mama.   My blood sugars are under control with medicine and exercise.  I’m losing inches.  My clothes are fitting better or falling off (new wardrobe-whoo hoo!)   I now find reasons to get back to the gym quicker — even if I am sick or have work commitments that I can’t get out of.  I sign up for classes that work with my schedule and with classes at 7 pm, sometimes later, and crack of dawn morning classes, there really is no excuse not to make it.   I’m so grateful that I found OTF and checked it out.   I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.  Perhaps it found me.

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