MomsHood: Kid’s On line Clothing Swap Service and 200 Box Challenge

by Gemma James

Newborn baby clothes

Newborn baby clothes

I’m a mom of Dylan aged 1 and with another baby on the way, I came up with an idea for a new website called which is an online kids clothes swap service.

Every good idea starts with a problem; mine responded to two: firstly that kids grow out of clothes quickly costing parents like me an arm and a leg and secondly what do you do with the clothes your kids have grown out of? In the US currently 85% of clothes ends up in landfill (10.5M tons a year!)

Connecting a community of busy parents, MomsHood offers an online kids clothes swap service. My philosophy is simple: keep the value of the clothes your kid has outgrown and use them to swap for clothes that fit. Giving the clothes a new lease in life, preventing them ending up in landfill and helping out other parents, its good all round!

I started this project because as a busy working mom I was fed up with the time and money I have to spend every few months to keep my young son clothed. It also seems crazy to me that every few months I am left with good quality clothes that don’t fit. The aim is to provide a service that will reduce the waste of throwing out outgrown children’s clothes and connect a network of socially conscious parents who want to exchange and reuse great clothing.

Introductory Offer

Our site needs a little help in getting started, we need parents help in listing some boxes so when members start swapping there is an ample selection of sizes and brands to choose from. We are therefore holding a 200 box countdown, once we have at least 200 boxes listed the swapping can begin.

Each person who contributes one of the first 200 boxes will earn a credit on our site equal to the price of one complete swap (shipping and admin fee – $16.90) Free Clothes!

To begin we requires users to register on the site and free Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes directly from USPS will be sent to them. Next sort out the clothes your child no longer wears by size and season and group them into packs of 10-15 items, to fill the box. Signing up is free, and once you have uploaded your boxed items on the site you wait.

Once swapping commences and someone chooses your box, MomsHood will provide a pre-paid shipping label for your box and you can schedule a USPS pick up from outside your door.

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