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Monkey Mat PlayWe finally had a day off and were excited to head to the beach!  Our Monkey Mat came in the mail just in time and I knew it would be perfect for my son at the beach. I immediately noticed the gorgeous orange color (many colors and designs are available), and how light and compact the mat actually was in my hand.  I put it in my beach bag with stakes and off we went!

Monkey Mat is made out of durable and waterproof nylon so it is more of a smooth tarp than it is a padded mat.  It easily spreads out on any surface and the four corners have small weights to help hold it down.  If the surface is more like grass or sand, stakes very easily grab the corner of the mat and hold it into place.  I set it up very easily by myself and had it ready to go for my son to sit on when he was finished playing in the water with my husband.   He ran over, excited to wrap himself up in his towel and lay down to rest before it was time to build a sand castle.    He was super comfortable on his new Monkey Mat and I loved that when it was time to clean up I gave it a quick shake and the sand came right off.

Monkey Mat Nap ColorOur Monkey Mat is portable, lightweight, durable and functional for anyone who needs a clean surface to sit or lay on. The mat is perfect for babies and children but adults, too.  Personally, I plan to use it when my son plays soccer.   The field is quite a walk from the parking lot making it difficult to carry a bulky chair in addition to his bag.  You better believe I will be using our new Monkey Mat to sit on- keeping the ants and itchy turf off of my skin.

MonkeyMat gives us a “home base” to call our own when we are out and about, like at a bbq where there aren’t enough seats for everyone.  I will gladly volunteer my seat and place our MonkeyMat under the trees for shade while not sitting directly in the dirt or grass.  We also have quite a few events within our town where we will use it like concerts and fireworks.   Just this past 4th of July we sat directly on the grass and there were bugs everywhere! Gross!

Any time I come across a product that makes my life a little easier as a mom, I’m all for it!  Monkey Mat makes it easy for me to provide a clean surface for my family, really anywhere, in a compact, durable, portable pouch.  Monkey Mat is a wonderful product that provides a solution to the mystery of what exactly you are coming in contact with. Bugs, germs, animal excrements and dirt… no thanks!

For more information on Monkey Mat, check out their website here.


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