My issues with the dentist will not be my son’s


Dentist StepsI am a wimp and I’m pretty sure my 4 year old is braver than I am.  There, I said it.   I may or may not have had several visits to the dentist in my teen years where I had a lot of work done on my teeth.  All at once.  Not necessarily a bad experience, in fact, probably a good one, but an irrational fear that I should be afraid of the dentist kicks in every time I have to go.  Even for a cleaning because they might find a cavity.

Now it was my four year old son’s turn and I read tons of reviews on pediatric dentists from my surrounding towns.   I needed him to be comfortable and have a positive experience.  My reviews kept leading me back  led me to Dr. Maria at Cleveland Circle Dentist in Brookline, MA.  (Her husband is Dr. Clifton Georgaklis or Dr. G, my personal dentist.  He is the originator of the adult cosmetic orthodontic treatment or  6 month “Rapid Braces“– more on this later.)

As I prepped my son days in advance of his impending appointment, he was naturally curious.  “Mommy, what is the dentist going to do to my teeth? Will I get a toy?”  I reassured him that she would “count is teeth” which a combination of counting his teeth and checking for cavities and that she was going to brush his teeth with some yummy toothpaste.  His innocence is refreshing—reminding me that we weren’t born to fear the dentist, we learned to fear the dentist.  While I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect because every patient is different, his first experience couldn’t have gone any better.Dentist feel the brush

The office staff welcomed us in a friendly and courteous manner.   The office is bright, modern and clean.  I’d venture to say it is “cool.”  There are some toys for the kids in the waiting room as well as a television, massage chairs (Ohhhhh… the massage chairs),  magazines and music to keep you entertained.

Dr. Maria opened the door and called, “Grayson?”  He was excited and walked up to the door.  Like a boss.  He proudly jumped into the chair and followed instructions as Dr. Maria patiently guided him through every step.  She showed him every tool including the suction tube and let him smell the toothpastes then pick his favorite.   Empowering him to be a part of the decision-making  process made him feel so important.  My baby was a big boy in the dentist chair.  She “counted his teeth”, brushed and flossed and polished his teeth.  She actully let him feel the brush on his finger before she started.  (See picture.)  It’s the little things that a dentist does that makes a child have a good experience.  Grayson left with a pouch that included a new toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, pencil, foam airplane Dentist fun packand stickers.  Score!

Dr. Maria is wonderful with children and my son loved his first dental experience.  She is patient and pleasant and incredibly knowledgeable and talented as a pediatric dentist and I would highly recommend her for your children.   Grayson often refers to what he learned at his visit.   “Dr. Maria said I need to brush my teeth.  Make sure you get my back teeth.”  He now has accountability to brush his teeth from someone other than me.  Thank you Dr. Maria!  For more information check out or call Cleveland Circle Dental at 617-277-5200.

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