No shame in my game. 9 ways to stay on top of Price Adjustments.

You know when you have that suspicious feeling that something you just purchased is about to go on sale or have a deeper discount the minute you leave the store?  Trust your gut.  You are probably right.  Here are some tips to be sure you are saving the most on your purchases!

  1. Keep your receipt. Store it in your wallet, coupon holder, or file cabinet or anywhere you can find it quickly.
  2. Most stores now have a feature at checkout so you can have your receipt printed, emailed or both. For someone like me who has a horrible habit of throwing receipts away or losing them, I do both.
  3. Know the store’s policy for a price adjustment. Some have a strict seven day grace period. Others have none and will honor the adjustment at any time.
  4. When asking for a price adjustment, some stores only require a receipt, others require the goods to be present, unworn with the tags on them.
  5. Set two reminders on your phone. One that will give you enough time to plan to return to the store and one that is your last reminder that your money is waiting for you at the store.
  6. Call ahead. It defeats the purpose to drive all the way to the store if the price has not dropped.
  7. Ask if the sales associate knows when the items will go on sale. Re-set your reminders.
  8. If you made your purchase on line, call the department store headquarters. If the price has dropped they will make the price adjustment directly to your credit card saving you gas and travel time.
  9. Feel like it is not worth it to save a few dollars? Start taking that money and put it into a savings account. Watch how fast your balance grows.

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