Recycled Lid Solar System Craft for the Kids

Remember how I told you my son loves Youtube.  Well now he is currently obsessed with the planets.  I feel a little better that the videos he watches are educational.  He found this video and we get to sing it EVERYSINGLEDAYINTHECARTOANDFROMDAYCARE. It’s catchy.  You have been warned.

My son isn’t the only toddler with the solar system on his mind.  Hilary from Raising Fairies and Knights has kindly shared her recycled craft of creating a solar system made out of lids.  What a great idea to teach toddlers about the planets and let them have some creative freedom at the same time.  It’s adorable!  Take it away, Hilary!

My toddler is really into the Solar system and planets. Every night my husband watches youtube videos with her about the planets, catchy little songs about each planet and a description. She knows more about the planets than I do (which my mom laughingly pointed out while watching us make this craft) and she is 2.5-years-old. I thought it would be fun to make a cute little craft on the solar system with her so she could have a reminder of the planets around all the time.

Recycle Solar System - IG

Supplies Needed:

  • 9 container lids (any size will do, but white is preferred)
  • Paint (washable paint does not stick very well, so I used the permanent kind, be careful though it stains!)
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Googly eyes
  • Wool
  • Glue gun and glue



  • Our conversation went something like this “Bee what’s the biggest planet, the SUN, awesome, what color is it? Making the Solar SystemYELLOW”
  • I had Bee choose a color for each planet. I used the biggest lid for the sun, and the next biggest for Jupiter, but otherwise just used them as available.
  • “Bee what planet comes after the sun, MERCURY, what color is Mercury, BLUE” (yes she shouted her answers in excitement each time.)
  • We went like that until we had done all the planets. I checked a diagram online as we went (yes I have forgotten all about the planets since watching Sailor Moon in high school). I am not sure if she was right on the colors and planets, but it doesn’t matter, it’s fun and I want her to make her own decisions too, even if they are not the ones I would make (example, most planets she made green and blue).
  • After all the lids/planets were painted to her desire, I let them dry for a day. (Does not need to be that long but it took me that long to return to it).
  • When they were dry I went around and glued googly eyes on all the planets for eyes, Bee insisted I draw on mouths because otherwise “they can’t talk”.
  • I used pipe cleaners for the rings around Saturn and Uranus.
  • I then used wool (but any string/rope/etc. will work) and a glue gun to glue them together on the back, leaving a hook at the top to string them up.

There you have it, your very own Solar System! Bee loves to look at this every day and point out which planet is which.           It’s a great activity to let them be creative and learn more about the planets.

Is your wee one into the planets or space at all? What are your favorite crafts to make from container lids?

Hilary PicYou can find Raising Fairies and Knights blog here and through social media here:



Check it out- it’s a wonderful resource for moms!  Thanks again, Hilary for such a creative use of recycled products to teach your daughter about the solar system.

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    Thanks so much for letting me guest post! I played that YouTube video for my husband and he didn’t know it so I have a new one for my toddler to try out! I am so glad mine is not the only one who likes planets and we are not the only parents who play you tube videos on the planets!!

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