The Toddler Whisperer

My toddler refuses to go to sleep without mommy or daddy staying in bed until he falls asleep.  He has been out of his crib and in his bed since he was two years old.  Fast forward to 3 years old and he still requires us to stay with him until he starts snoring.  Cute little bugger.   A friend of my aunt gave us the Pillow Pets Dream Lites Playful Penguin that lights up the ceiling with beautiful colors and shapes.  I never paid much attention to the toy and neither did my son.  He just wasn’t interested.  Until one glorious day when he carried it up to bed, dragging it on each stair.  I honestly didn’t even know what it was—what the heck is that thing?  He pressed the button and stars and moons cast up on the ceiling.  “Mommy, look at the stars!  I see the moon!”   I replied, “Sweet Pea, they are beautiful.  Would you like mommy to read you a book?”    “No, I’m ok.  I go to sleep.”

Wait, what!??”   And he WENT TO SLEEP!  Could this magical toy be the toddler whisperer?

Perhaps it was a fluke,  but if I can escape the bedroom within 5 minutes of putting him in bed,  I consider this a major development in managing my toddler’s bedtime routine.  Perhaps the light makes him feel safe.    Thank you penguin!




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