Top 10 reasons Why I Chose Get in Shape for Women and Giveaway

I never thought I’d even consider a women’s gym.  Why you ask?  I’m a former college athlete, super competitive and have been pushed beyond limits I never dreamed possible.  I simply don’t need to work out with a bunch of women to get results.

But here’s the problem.  My way hasn’t worked.  I haven’t worked out in any consistent way in almost four years.  I can no longer use the “I just had a baby” excuse because he’s FOUR YEARS OLD too!!!  What did I have to lose by joining a women’s gym?  Nothing.  So, I tried it and it changed everything.  I changed my uninformed way of thinking, educated myself on the benefits of Get in Shape for Women and now I’m a believer that I need it and here’s why:

Why now? See my post on Why I’m sick of being plus size and what I’m going to do about it.

Top 10 reasons why I need Get in Shape for Women:

  1. I need to be held accountable because clearly I’m not doing it for myself. Knowing that I have an appointment set up makes me show up.  Otherwise I’m taking someone else’s spot. The only decision I need to make when working out is if I want to work out my arms or legs.  Every other week or so we all do a full body workout.  Abs are general component of every work out.
  2. No more than four women at a time are in a small group training session.  We do 3 sets of 45 seconds and then rotate to the next station for a total of 25 minutes with one bonus round of the trainer’s choice at the end.  Weight lifting first, then cardio.    Simultaneously,  there are no more than 4 women doing cardio.
  3. When you finish your 25 minutes of weight lifting, you can choose between the treadmill or elliptical for 25 minutes of cardio interval training.   Each week the interval time changes to 30, 60 or 90 seconds followed by minutes of rest.  You are expected to max out your intervals and recover during the rest period.  You determine how hard you work by the resistance or incline on your machines.  Can’t run? No problem… walk.  You can work up to it on your own terms.
  4. Trainers are quick to demonstrate an exercise, offer assistance, and give me a pep talk because they can see in my face that I’m struggling.
  5. I appreciate that realistically Get in Shape for Women is serving a particular clientele that may or may not need to occasionally make adjustments.  But more importantly, adjustments are made without judgement.  Back pain? No problem- try a different exercise to get the same results.  I love, love, love that the gym has a TRX,   a phenomenal system that allows you to use your body weight to create resistance but it also takes the pressure off of your joints.  Yes, please!  Check to out here.
  6. You schedule your sessions one week out giving you plenty of time to plan your schedule around the most important thing- YOU!  Make yourself a priority!!!  If you don’t show you will receive a call from a staff member.
  7. On your first day you will weigh in on a scale that measures your body composition when you enter your age and height.  It doesn’t get more accurate than this.  You will measure your arms, stomach and hips.  Then, once a week you weigh in on the same day every week for consistency.
  8. Nutrition is an essential component to your weight loss success.  You will meet with a nutrition specialist to create a “blue print” of what you should be eating to fuel your body.   You are encouraged to track your eating and speak to your consultant about making adjustments if needed.  Every few days you will receive an email that discusses a new topic such as how to make better decisions on what to eat at a restaurant or how to stick to your nutrition “blue print” on a daily basis.
  9. The personal trainers who work there genuinely want you to succeed.   They are friendly, pleasant, non-intimidating people who have a wonderful energy and demeanor about them.
  10. Get in Shape for Women sets you up with the tools you need for weight loss success.  Twenty-five minutes of small personal training sessions followed by twenty-five minutes of interval training is very doable.  You will receive regular contact and check ins but not annoying or overwhelming in any way.  My emails always seems to come at the right time like just when I’m about to order at Chili’s or right when I need some motivation most.

Get in Shape for Women has graciously offered a free six week series (3 training sessions per week) for someone who is ready to make a change, who is motivated and committed to losing weight and getting healthy.  Accountability, Nutrition, Weight Training and Cardio- a perfect combination for weight loss success.  Please submit your entry here:








Check back for part 2 of My Selfish Reasons Why I Love Get in Shape for Women.

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